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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile in a grey wood effect finish. LVT comes in many effects and colours. Contact us for more information!


Grey wood effect vinyl by Tarkett.
Contact us for more information on our whole range of laminates, vinyl and carpet!

Leoline Vinyl

Leoline wood effect vinyl recently fitted to a bedroom. Vinyl is a great affordable alternative to laminate. Contact us for all your flooring requirements and a free no obligation quote!

Contract flooring

Recently fitted contract carpet with aluminium nosings to a communal area. Contact us for advice and more information on your contract flooring requirements.

Carpet and Pets - what is the best option?

Many pet owners might think that carpet is not an option for their homes and four-legged friends, but nothing could be further from the truth.

1. Stain resistance and durability

Advancements in manufacturing technology have made carpets better than ever. New product features allow carpet to hold up to the toughest wear from pets and humans. Stain resistance and durability are the most important features when shopping around for carpet for your pets.

2. Carpet fiber

There are a number of different fibers to choose from in today’s flooring marketplace, many of which are designed to perform well with a pet in the house. We can help you decide on what’s right for you.

3. Use colors and patterns strategically

Colors and patterns might seem like a strange consideration to make in this situation, but the right color and pattern can help hide soil and pet hair. Try to match the color of carpet with the hair color of your pet(s).

4. Cut piles are a better fit than loop piles

Loop piles can present two problems for pets. The first is that claws can get stuck in the loops and make for an unhappy pet. The second is that a dog or cat can rip up the loops in the carpet. Both of these problems are averted with cut pile carpet.

Regardless of whether you have pets or not, You should always vacuum regularly to keep carpet looking newer, longer.

Laminate flooring

An Affordable Option for Your Home!

Laminate flooring used to look like a cheap, plastic imitation of real hardwood flooring. Times have changed though with the technological advances of laminate flooring in the past decade, laminate flooring is now looking better (and more realistic) than ever. Now, you can have a beautiful, durable and affordable new floor in just a snap!

Laminate flooring made its debut in the late 1970’s. At the time, tongue and grooves had to be glued together during a floating installation and the surface looked more like plastic than anything. Since then, radical changes have been made in the manufacturing process and laminate flooring went from being a cheap throw away option for homeowners to a long lasting, beautiful investment for your home. Now, glueless click lock technologies are standard on laminate flooring and digitally enhanced images make it hard for even flooring professionals to tell the difference between laminate and real wood.

Why choose vinyl flooring?

Updating your floor can dramatically change the look and feel of a room – even if you’re not doing a massive decorating job. And vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for your high traffic areas.

Vinyl flooring is:

Low maintenance
Available in a range of styles, thicknesses and textures
Water resistant - can be used in the kitchen or bathroom where there will be splashes, spills and humidity
A good choice for homes with pets and/or people with allergies as pollen, dust and animal hair can be easily cleaned away
Softer and warmer underfoot than natural stone and laminate flooring.

Slip resistance

When choosing your vinyl flooring, it’s important to remember that this man-made product is water resistant. While this makes it ideal for the kitchen and bathroom where there’s a high risk of spills or spray, you will need to wipe up liquids immediately to reduce the risk of slips.

Most sheet vinyl products come with an anti-slip coating already applied, so choose this if you’re looking for a less slippery option. Alternatively, add a rug or mat to your new floor. Look for non-slip options that won’t slide away when you step on them, but remember that rugs with rubber backing should not be used on most vinyl floors. If you opt for a rug that isn't non-slip, keep it safe and secure with rug grips that can be laid underneath the rug to help stop it slipping.


The thicker your vinyl flooring, the softer and warmer it will feel underfoot – especially when compared to materials like stone.

Thicker flooring also means better sound insulation and less wear and tear – so it’s a great choice for children’s playrooms, as it will muffle the sounds of loud play.

When to comes to cleaning, vinyl flooring is incredibly low maintenance. Just give it a regular run around with a broom or vacuum cleaner to keep it clean. And for extra care, pick up a vinyl floor polish.

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